How to submit a law-related essay for CLSJ publication:

CLSJ Info:
The California Legal Studies Journal is an annual research publication, covering some of the finest work by students in multiple fields. Submissions address the range of topicality that the law in practice does, and serves as a hallmark for review by law professors and the academic community.

The CLSJ has been the only undergraduate law journal in the state for over two decades, and is the journal from the only undergraduate department of a law school in the country. Although the journal has previously circulated within the Berkeley Legal Studies Department at the Boalt Hall School of Law, we now welcome submissions from undergraduate and graduate departments at all UC schools.

Submission Guidelines:
We invite all undergraduates and graduates (except law students) to submit written works (ranging from research papers to dissertations) for consideration in our journal. Each year our editors elect the best submissions to be published in our journal, which is then distributed to professors in several department offices. This is a great opportunity for those passionate about writing and law. Please note that we will accept all work, whether or not the author is currently an undergraduate.

All submissions must be thematically regarding the subject of law. This, however, does not necessarily entail a legal dissertation on a case. Some of our best submissions in the past have taken unique viewpoints on legal systems and procedures through a wide gamut of disciplines including psychology and public health, economy, philosophy, and sociology.

Please contact us if you are interested: 


Apply for an editor position in CALSJ!

If you love editing and would like to be a part of our team next semester, please email us with your name, year, major, and a paragraph stating any qualifications and why you are interested in joining. All majors are welcome!

Email for submissions and questions:



The California Legal Studies Journal

California Legal Studies Journal (Spring 2010)

***If you used any portion of the CLSJ in any form, then give credit and cite the source.***
***Disclaimer: Articles presented in CLSJare not legal advice and should not be treated as such.***



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