We welcome people of all majors and encourage everyone to check-out our events. Joining BLSA is a great way to meet friends, talk to professors outside of a lecture setting, and to learn more about the department and what it offers you. BLSA presents an opportunity for you to learn more about the legal field and an avenue to work on implementing any changes or improvements that you want to see in the department. No matter what your major, come take part in the many opportunities and benefits BLSA has to offer!

Basic Requirements and Benefits:

Semester fees:
– $7/Semester or $20/Lifetime Membership.

– We also collaborate with “The Juris” and the “California Legal Studies” Journals. Article submissions for these are accepted.

Becoming a member:

– Simply fill out the membership application linked below and email it to and turn in dues to become a member:

BLSA Membership Application 14-15

– Any problems with these rules will be taken on case-by-case basis by the BLSA Team.


3 Responses to Join BLSA

  1. Alex says:

    Can you apply for BLSA throughout the entire year? Or was there a deadline for the applications?

  2. DC says:


    I am junior transfer student that attended the Living Catalogue and would like to join, however, the application link doesn’t seem to be working. Should I go to the Legal Studies Building to get one there?

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